How do I get my laptop to project on the screen?

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2011-06-17 21:59

Issue: I cannot get the image on my laptop to project on the screen in the classroom or mulitmedia available meeting room.

The following information is specifically for SMU-owned computers but may assist you with your personal laptop as well. In most cases you will  need to ensure the following and then use your laptop "fn" key and the appropriate f# key to mirror(duplicate) your laptop screen through the projector.

  • Turn on the projector via the Extron control system.
  • You will need to have your laptop connected to the projection system either directly or through the Extron multimedia control system found on all multimedia classrooms. This is done with a VGA cable  plugged into the Extron and your laptop. Macs need an adapter that should have come with your computer.
  • Once plugged in, select laptop on the control system to have it recognize your laptop.
  • Press the "fn"  key on your laptop and the corresponding "f#" key on the keyboard (usually F4). This should be the HP laptops SMU owns.   
  • Choose duplicate or mirror if you wish image to be on both locations and projector if only wanted on the screen. Note: laptop screen will go blank but still operates by pressing the key combination again. The screen will toggle(switch) if an icon menu does not appear. Press the key combination again to get to the display setting you want.
  • Process is complete

Please note that many laptops now recognize if a second display device is connected. This is a function of the display software installed on the specfic computer.