Connect Smart TVs/Apple TV/Roku/Game Console... etc

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2020-07-21 23:54
Game consoles, smart TVs, streaming devices, etc. 


NOTICE: It is recommended that you connect your streaming devices to the wired network whenever possible to give you the best possible speeds. 


  • Locate the MAC address of the device and copy it down. (On most devices the MAC address or Wireless ID will be located in Settings > About) If your device has wireless and wired capability, please register both mac addresses.

PS4: Settings > System > System Information 

PS4 MAC Address Location   

Xbox One: Settings > Network > Advanced Settings  Xbox MAC Address Location

Nintendo Switch: System Settings > Internet 

    Switch MAC Address Location




  • Enter your username and password



Once you are logged in, click "Create Device" 



Enter the name of your device as your SMUMN Username-DeviceType. (example: JXDOE22-Xbox) 


Enter the MAC Address (or Wireless ID) of your device. 


Click "Create Device" when finished. 




*** If wireless, connect your device(s) to the SMUMN-Open network.

*** If wired, connect the device to the ethernet jack in your room, after the registration is completed. Please restart the device.