Degree Audit access for Advisees...

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2017-03-17 21:41

From Academic Affairs,

What to do:
  • Login to the Faculty Portal,
  • Once on the home page, Click "My Students"
    • You will see a list of all of your current advisees. 
  • Select a student.
    You will see a list below the title Student Actions.
  • Click "Transcript"
    • This is the student's transcript with all of the courses attempted or completed by semester. If the student is a transfer, his or her courses from the previous institutions will be at the top. Keep this screen open (or print it old school) as you will need this going through the audit.
  • Go back to Student Actions
  • Click "Audit"
    The audit tells you what has been taken to fulfill requirements and what remains.
How the audit works:
The audit gives the student's requirements - say Cultural Traditions and all of the courses he or she could take if that requirement remains unfulfilled, or the course that did fulfill it if the requirement is complete. The courses listed are all of the courses that could possibly fulfill, not just the ones offered in fall of 2017. However, there are some errors. Some courses did not convert accurately and with transfer students, some of the transfer courses did not get recorded in the proper areas.


Potential issues and data snags with the new ERP database (CAMS) system

The first time through, it may be somewhat labor intensive to ensure that all of the information in the audit is correct.

If you find an error - Please write to Chris Verch. You are asked to write one, comprehensive email* to him for all of your students about what needs adjustment or correction. 

*You can use the draft feature built into Google email to save each student's issue or need and then add each subsequent student after/during each advising session. 

If you have questions on degree requirements, please refer to the College Catalog. This is the guiding document for all requirement questions.


If we can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Academic Affairs office.