Remote Work Hardware

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2022-12-21 18:26

Remote Work Hardware Assignments

Full time employees who work 100% in the office will be able to choose from the following options:

     1.  A windows desktop computer, a wired mouse, a wired keyboard, webcam, and 2 monitors

     2.  A windows laptop, docking station, wired mouse, wired keyboard, and 1 monitor

All other full time employees will receive Option 2 regardless of their WFH %.

Exceptions to the standard package can be requested via a HelpDesk ticket and will require approval from the requesting department manager and the Director of User Services. Accessibility exceptions (ex: trackballs, trackpads, larger monitor, or other hardware required to fulfill their job duties) will also require HR approval.


     1.  Headsets are available as needed. Please request through the HelpDesk.

     2.  Users will only receive one of each item unless specified and will need to determine where to use their hardware.

     3.  Extra keyboards, mice, webcams and headsets outside of the standard hardware listed above, can be purchased by the user using personal funds only. Saint Mary’s will not reimburse for these items.

     4.  Extra monitors for in office use must be requested through the HelpDesk. Extra monitors for at home use can be purchased using personal funds only. Saint Mary’s will not reimburse monitor purchases.

     5. Personal printers in the office are not allowed. Personal printers can be purchased by the user for at home use using personal funds only. Saint Mary’s will not reimburse printer or printer supply purchases.

     6.  Laptop carrying cases are at the discretion of the employee to purchase and will not be reimbursed.

     7.  All Saint Mary’s University owned equipment must be returned on or before the last day of employment. (Keyboard, mouse and headset do not need to be returned.)