How to install software on a University PC - Faculty/Staff

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2020-06-25 01:56

For faculty, staff and administration at Saint Mary's University, we have many programs available for installation on your office computer which you do not need administrator privileges to install. Please follow the directions below to install the software. 


**Please note, if the software you are looking for is not available in this list, you can request it from the HelpDesk. If it is a piece of software which you think would be useful for other staff members and should be included in the Software Center, please fill out this Software Center Request Form


Installing Programs from the Software Center in Windows 10


1. Open the Start Menu, and then click "All Apps"



2. Scroll down to "Microsoft Endpoint Manager" and then open "Software Center"



3.In the Software Center you can see a collection of applications that are available for installation on your PC. Select the application(s) you wish to install and click "Install"



4. To see the status of the installation, click "Installation Status" on the left side of the screen. Here you will be able to see the status of any and all software installations from the network. 



5. Please note that the program you are installing will pop up and ask you to click through a series of installation steps. Please click "Install".










4. The program will be installed in the background while you continue your work.  You will not see any progress for most programs. Most programs install in 5-30 minutes.