How do I request a space with the Astra Scheduling system?

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2021-05-28 04:17

To request a meeting space on campus please follow these directions carefully. If you need assistance reserving a space please call ext: 1586 (507-457-1586).


1) Visit and click to expand Faculty and Staff

2) Click on "Room Scheduling"

3) On the Astra page click "Request an Event".

4) Select the appropriate Event Request Form from the dropdown menu. 

5) Enter Event Contact Information then click "Add/Remove Meetings

7) Enter all required information for the meeting. **Put any set up requests in the "Description" box. Please be specific

8) Click "Add Meeting". 

9) Click "Request Rooms". 

10) In room request, Click "Edit Filter". Select desired campus and building. Click "Search Rooms". 

11) You can drag the vertical lines to better read the room numbers and information. 

12) Click "Available" next to the desired room to select it. Click Save and Update Request. Then click  "Request Resources". 

13) Click "Edit Filter" select any and all desired resources and technology. 

14) Click Save and Update Request

15) Click Submit Request. Click "Done".