Students: How do I use Read&Write for PDF's from Snapverter?

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2015-09-21 18:18

PDFs, ePubs, and Kes files

The premium version of Read&Write for Google Chrome™ also supports for PDF, ePub, and Kes files in Google Drive. To use, simply double click on the file to have it open in the Read&Write for Google Chrome™ viewer.

If the file does not open in the Read&Write for Google Chrome™ viewer, it is either not set as the default app to manage your files, or it is not installed.
To set as default, click the systems Settings icon at the top right of the screen and select Settings. Then go to Manage Apps and scroll down to Read&Write for Google Chrome™. Select Use as default. Problem Solved!


Use by Default

Note: If you do not want Read&Write for Google Chrome™ to be the default, you can still use it with any PDF, ePub, or Kes file. Simply right click on the filename and choose Open With and then select Read&Write for Google Chrome™.