How Do I Use Zoom in a Polycom Room?

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2019-08-23 21:35

Zoom Room Step-by-Step Guide


  • The account hosting the meeting needs to be a PRO Zoom account to use the Zoom Room function.

  • All functions will be on the Touch Panel in this guide, unless specified.

  • Call the Helpdesk (7800) if you need assistance


Upon walking into the room:

  1. Press the “Power Button” to start.

  2. Select “Zoom Meeting” for Room Mode.

  3. After a few seconds, the system will turn on and display a white screen where there will be a voice that speaks to you. Following are the screens that you will see on the TV screen and the touchpanel:


Using the Numpad highlighted by the red square, Press, then enter your Meeting Id of your Meeting for your meeting. 

What is my “Meeting ID”?

This is the numbers at the tail end of the link you share with others via email, or looking at the meeting details. Reference link:


  1. Verify the number on the screen is the same as what you intended to enter. 

    1. Use the asterisk () as a backspace if necessary.

  2. Press to enter the meeting. 



The following is a diagram of the use cases of the buttons on the Touchpanel:


End Call

End Zoom Meeting connection; will need to use “New Meeting” or “System Off” buttons to continue.

Share Content

Present PC, Laptop or Apple TV that is dedicated in the room to the meeting. 

Stop Sharing

Click to stop sharing local sources


Microphone Mute

Video Mute

Video Camera Mute

New Meeting

Resets room to the white “Please Enter Room ID…”. Use if getting into another Zoom meeting, or get to Step 3 again.

Room Mode

Use to switch room modes, like in Step 2.

System Off

Power off system, If you are in a call, it will hang up. Use this function when done for the session.

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