How to Import/Export Favorites or Bookmarks?

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2018-02-13 18:19

How to Import/Export Bookmarks/Favorites in Browsers


Chrome  Bookmmarks

1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

2. Select Bookmarks

3. Select Bookmark Manager

4. Click the Organize menu in the manager. (

(click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner)

5. Select Export Bookmarks.

(create a new folder on your U drive)

6. Double click the new folder to save the file to, name the file, click Save.

Firefox Bookmarks


1.   Open Firefox. Click the Bookmarks menu and select the "Show All Bookmarks" option. Click the "Import and Backup" menu at the top of the window that appears, it looks like a star icon.


2.  Click the "Export HTML" option. Select and file name for the exported bookmarks. This same bookmarks library window lets you import bookmarks.


3.  Click the "Import HTML" option in the Import and Backup menu. Click "Next" or "Continue" depending on your operating system.  Select the file in the window that appears and click "Open."

Internet Explorer Favorites


1.  Open Internet Explorer


2.  Click File, Import/Export