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  • Student Portal: How do I access my 1098T information?
    Answer: 1098t tax forms are now available in the Student Portal. To access, please login to Once logged in, find this in the top left side of the ...
  • Blackboard for Instructors: Getting Started with Blackboard - Instructors
    Answer: Blackboard is a great resource for instructors to communicate with students and manage course content and assessments. Learn more about getting started with courses in ...
  • Gmail Basics: 3) Tutorials: Sending/Receiving Messages
    Answer: Click on the links below to learn more about sending and receiving messages in Gmail!  Sending Messages Replying to Messages Forward Messages Saving Drafts Formatting, Fonts & Colors Adding Attachments Using Spell ...
  • Gmail Basics: 4) How is Gmail different? (Folders vs. Labels, Archiving, etc)
    Answer: There are a few differences between Gmail and other email programs. Learn more about them below!  Folders vs. Labels (Video) Folders vs. Labels (Article) Archive Feature Deleting vs. Archiving ...
  • Gmail Basics: Managing Multiple Email Accounts
    Answer: Having too many email accounts can be overwhelming. There are multiple ways to condense and organize your email accounts.    Option 1: Multiple Sign-In - BEST OPTION ...
  • Student Portal: Disable Pop-up Blocker for Registration
    Answer: In order to access the Registration area in the portal, users will need to disable the pop-up blocker in their browser. Users may choose to Allow all Pop-ups ...
  • Faculty/Staff Portal: Degree Audit access for Advisees...
    Answer: From Academic Affairs,   What to do: Login to the Faculty Portal, Once on the home page, Click "My Students" You will see a list of all of your current advisees.  Select a ...
  • Username/Password Issues: What is the username change process?
    Answer: To change a username do the following: Ensure there is a HelpDesk ticket created for this user's request. It has much of the information of process ...
  • Software: What is SMUMN online meeting software or resource?
    Answer: Saint Mary's purchased Zoom online meeting/conferencing software for use by SMUMN employees. For more information visit: Definition of terms is at the bottom of this article.   Please review the ...

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