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  • Tegrity for Instructors: How to find a URL for your Tegrity recording (Get Class Link)
    Answer:   How to find the URL for your Tegrity recording 1. Access your Tegrity environment and click on the course where the desired recording is located.   2. Select the ...
  • Employees: 1) Faculty/Staff: Technology Systems Introduction
    Answer:  SMUMN Systems Overview   Blackboard: Blackboard is an Online Learning Management System.  Create and manage courses and online materials.  Resources for non-Faculty staff can also be found on Blackboard under ...
  • Wireless Network Access: Guest Access to SMUMN Wireless Networks - Procedures
    Answer: Saint Mary's University provides Wireless Network Access to all of our guests on campus.   Guests may connect using the SMUMN-Open wireless network. Once connected, they will ...
  • Atomic Learning/Hoonuit: Accessing Atomic/Hoonuit Learning
    Answer: Atomic Learning is a training resource and professional development tool purchased by the university for use in classes, in departments and for individual training.    Atomic Learning ...
  • Students: 2) First Time Login Instructions
    Answer: Welcome to Saint Mary's University of MN!    Sometime after you accepted through the university, you should have received an email to your personal email account that ...
  • Network Folders & Resources: How to connect to network storage from a Mac.
    Answer: To connect a Mac to SMUMN network storage please do the following steps: Click "Go"  on the Apple Menu at the top of the screen Click "Connect to Server…" Type ...
  • Blackboard for Instructors: Video Everywhere
    Answer: At a Glance: Video Everywhere is a feature enhancement of the Content Editor in Blackboard and is available for students as well as faculty.  This feature ...
  • Phones: What do I need to do to use my new phone?
    Answer: SMUMN Phone System Tips and Tricks Guide  What do I need to do?    Record your Personal Greeting  Record your name  Change your Personal Identification #  Change your Website Password Follow these ...
  • Phones: How do I use the Phone website?
    Answer: Phone Web Portal Open a browser and go to   **Setting changes in this portal do not take effect immediately. There is a brief synchronization delay which ...
  • Wireless Network Access: Connecting to the Wireless Network on Campus
    Answer: Saint Mary's University provides wireless internet access to all Faculty, Staff, Students and all Guests of the University. Please follow the instructions below to connect ...
  • VPN Instructions: Setting Up a VPN
    Answer: Setting up Win 10 VPN Connection Setting up Win 7/8 VPN Connection Setting up OS X VPN Connection Setting up Vista VPN Configuration     NOTE:  VPN access is available only to ...
  • Gmail Basics: Managing Multiple Email Accounts
    Answer: Having too many email accounts can be overwhelming. There are multiple ways to condense and organize your email accounts.    Option 1: Multiple Sign-In - BEST OPTION ...
  • Phones: How do I add Favorites or Speed Dial on my phone?
    Answer: To add favorites or speed dial options to the home screen of your phone:   Go to and log in using your extension*   Open the "Speed Dial" ...
  • Faculty/Staff Portal: Greenshades My Payroll-First Time Access
    Answer: My Payroll Login to the Faculty Portal at using the same login and password that you log into your computer with. 2.  Click Accept to the ...
  • Username/Password Issues: What is the username change process?
    Answer: To change a username do the following: Ensure there is a HelpDesk ticket created for this user's request. It has much of the information of process ...

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