Getting Started with Discussion Boards

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2013-12-31 22:24


Discussion boards can be a great way to gather thoughtful reflection and input.  The discussion board forum is the overarching topic for discussion.   As an example:

John Baptist De La Salle could be the “forum” topic and then His Life, His Instructional Methods, and His Overall Impact could be separate "threads" (conversations) under the overarching topic of John Baptist De La Salle - Patron Saint of Teachers. 

The links below will take you to short instructional videos that will help guide you.

- Creating a Discussion Board Forum

- Creating a Discussion Board Thread

- Replying to a Discussion Board Thread


- Searching the Discussion Board and Collecting Posts (very helpful!)

- Tagging Discussion Board Posts


- Grading a Discusion Board Forum

- Grading a Discussion Board Thread

- Rating Discussion Board Threads


- Managing Discussion Board Roles

- Changing Discussion Board Forum Settings

- Moderating Discussion Board Forums


NOTE: New Discusion Board Features (2014)  Discussion Feature Updates



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