Getting Started with Grade Center


Students appreciate it when the instructor uses Grade Center to post grades and document the progress students are making within a course.  This resource page provides a number of short instructional videos to help you get started with Grade Center in your Blackboard course. 


Getting Started with Grade Center (.pdf) - Updated Item

Getting Started with Needs Grading (.pdf) - Updated Item


Short Instructional Videos:


Customizing the Grade Center View

Needs Grading

Creating Smart Views

Creating a Grade Rule

Viewing Grade Details

Anonymous Grading

Creating Grade Notes

Creating a Grade Center Report

Creating a Grading Rubric

Associating a Rubric with a Gradable Item

Grading with Rubrics


Grading Assessments Question by Question

Viewing and Downloading Grade History

Color Code the Grade Center

Working Offline with the Grade Center

Organize Grade Center Columns



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