Comparison of Wikis, Blogs, and Journals


The Blackboard offers you additional options for using social communication via wikis, blogs, and journals. The objectives of the Wikis, Blogs, and Journals documents will help you:

• Identify similarities and differences between blogs, wikis and journals   

• Identify potential uses of blogs, wikis and journals

• Practice creating, participating in and grading blogs, wikis and journals


Getting Started with Blackboard Interactive Tools (pdf)


A comparison of Blogs, Wikis, and Journals in Bb 9.1



Wiki Resources

Wiki Overview - Vanderbuilt University Center for Teaching

Wikis in Higher Education - University of Delaware

Video: Create and Manage Wikis in Blackboard (4:14)



Journal Resources:

Getting Started with Writing Journal Prompts (pdf)



Discussion Board Resources:

Video: Interacting with the Discussion Board (4:05)

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