Do I Keep my WebTools account when I leave SMU?


Students can access WebTools for 13 months after the official withdrawl dates from Saint Mary's. Withdrawl includes graduation or degree completion dates. This is the same for Undergraduate and Graduate students. The 13 month access window is needed for tax purposes so all students can access records for getting tax forms and tuition payment information from WebTools. Please keep in mind, these forms and content follow IRS regulations and requirements.

Unoffical transcripts are available during this time as well by reviewing Student Academic Record. Once the 13 month window or opportuity has passed, transcripts are available via the appropriate campus Registrar's office. Contact and information is available via this link: Transcript Information



WebTools access is deactivated upon termination of employment. Please let Human Resources know if you are a current student,  so access is not deactivated and appropriate access as a student is restored.

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