How does my Do Not Disturb button work?

When DND (Do Not Disturb) is enabled, your phone will not ring and all incoming calls will go to your voice mail. 
If DND is enabled, you will see this icon  Inline image 3  to the left of your extension. 

To toggle Do Not Disturb on and off:

1.  Across the bottom of your screen you should see DND press the button directly underneath it.


When you enable Do Not Disturb, the following happens:  

The Do Not Disturb icon displays in the status bar, as shown next.

If your phone is idle, the Do Not Disturb icon,  , displays next to your phone line in Lines view, as shown next. If you have new messages or forwarding enabled, the messages or forwarding icon will display instead.

The DND icon in Home view, , changes to  , as shown next.


Note: Do Not Disturb and Shared Lines
Enabling Do Not Disturb on shared lines disables ringing only. You’ll still see a visual notification of the call and have the option to answer the call.


Troubleshooting: Why Doesn’t the DND Icon Display?  
If you’ve set your presence status to Do Not Disturb, as well as enabled DND for your phone, the message My Status: Do Not Disturb will display instead the date display, and the DND icon won’t display in the status bar.


Using Do Not Disturb with Multiple Lines

By default, the Do Not Disturb feature applies to all lines on your phone. However, your phone may be set up so that you can enable the feature on a per-line basis.  


To enable or disable Do Not Disturb for a particular line:  

1. From Home view, select DND.  
2. From the Line Select screen, use the up and down arrow keys to select the line to enable or disable Do Not Disturb on.  
3. From the Do Not Disturb screen, select Enable or Disable.


Power Tip: Automatically Enabling or Disabling Do Not Disturb for All Lines  
To automatically enable Do Not Disturb for all lines, press Set All. To automatically disable the feature for all lines, press Clear All.

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