How do I use phone conferencing?

Our phone system is setup to allow multiple people to call into a single number. (Similar to GoToMeeting) As a general rule, if you are going to use this with more than 15 external people (people who will call in from off campus), please notify IT Services so they are aware and can monitor the # of phone lines in use.  


There are 2 available #s to call.  

507-457-7458 or 507-858-4446 


After calling this number, disregard the message and immediately enter your 5 digit conference line.  Each person has their own conference line already configured.  It is 3 followed by your extension.  So the HelpDesk conference line (ext. 7800) would be 37800.  Give this conference line # to anyone you want to join your conference call.  If you want to secure your line, login to and go to the My Information Tab, then choose Conferences.  Click on your conference (ex: labeled 7800-conference) to set options such as a pin number or to monitor or mute participants.






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