Guest Access to SMUMN Wireless Networks - Procedures

Steps needed for external individuals (campus guests) or groups to access SMUMN wireless:


Notify the iT HelpDesk, AT LEAST 24 hours, before your guest's arrival to campus. The iT staff will then have enough time to create the Network Access Control (NAC) guest account and communicate back to you as the contact person.


What iT HelpDesk staff need to know:

  1. Person’s full name and reason for being on campus (guest lecturer or speaker, contractor, sales rep/vendor)

    Group name and reason for being on campus (sports camp, program retreat, Board of Trustees).
  2. Actual contact person hosting the individual or group. This is for communication purposes. This person will be given the "logon" information needed by the external user(s).
  3. Once iT HelpDesk is notified, we will set up a temporary account in the system and notify the contact person with the information needed. This would include the username and password information for an individual or the entire group.

The external user’s device MUST meet basic requirements to use our network. This includes up-to-date operating system software (Windows update), valid and functioning virus-scanning software which is also up-to-date on its definition files. If the device does not meet these basics it will not be allowed onto our wireless network.

TIP: Have user run the SMU Winona Campus Network Readiness Check on the Blackboard main page before coming to campus. It is located under Verify System Readiness .

Definition of SMUMN guest is any person or group on campus for official University business or presentation. This would include guest speakers, SMUMN vendor representatives, academic groups or programming, Board of Trustees, guest presenters, guest lecturers and the like. Admissions' visitors will be given a guest account to use from Admissions. 

Guests not allowed access would be external group meetings or dinners, wedding reception attendees, general public functions, people showing up unannounced, etc. These guests can use their personal data plan while on campus and should not expect to access SMUMN wireless while on campus.







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