Guest Access to SMUMN Wireless Networks - Procedures

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2019-03-28 13:07

Saint Mary's University provides Wireless Network Access to all of our guests on campus.  

Guests may connect using the SMUMN-Open wireless network.

Once connected, they will need to open an Internet Browser on their device and log in. 

Guests, please click the "Need Account" link at the bottom of the login screen. 

***Please note that the guest network access will expire after 8hrs. Users may log in with the same credentials after the time expires***

 Guest Login Image


Guests will then need to request access to the network from a University host or sponsor. Please enter the email address of a campus contact (could be a Student, Faculty or Staff Member). 


Visitor Registration

The Guest will then see this screen indicating that a request has been sent to their host or sponsor. The screen will say that access is disabled until the host or sponsor has approved their request.  To enter a sponsors email, you will need to ask a iT Staff.

Visitor Registration Receipt


The University host or sponsor will receive an email asking them to approve their guest's access.

Visitor Receipt


Once the host or sponsor has approved the guest's request, the screen on the guest's device will change and say Access Enabled. 

The Guest can then click "Log In" and enter their email address and the Guest password. They should also have received an email with this information from the email the Guest provided. 



Please note: the SMUMN-Open network is limited to an 8 hour session. After 8hrs, the user will need to log in again. Guests may re-use the username and password that was created. Guests do not need to contact the host or sponsor again.