How to connect to network storage from a Mac.

To connect a Mac to SMUMN network storage please do the following steps:

Click "Go"  on the Apple Menu at the top of the screen

Click "Connect to Server…"

Type in: smb://servername/name of drive*     See list below

Click "Connect"

Enter your SMUMN username and password

Click "Connect"

*** Make sure you disconnect the network drive if using a shared/public computer.


* Various "Drive" names for Connecting to SMUMN Network Storage:

Department Network Storage (K Drive): smb://morpheus/departmental

Course Materials Drive (academic course information): smb://morpheus/coursema

Personal Network Storage (U drive): smb://neo/username$

Department Webpages: smb://landini/deptmntl

*** Again make sure you disconnect the network drive if using a shared/public computer.



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