Entering Grades in the Faculty Portal

The following are instructions for entering Mid-Term and Final grades into the SMUMN Faculty Portal. 


1.  Log into the Faculty Portal (faculty.smumn.edu)


2.  Make sure you have the correct term selected. The selected term can be found in the upper left corner of the Home screen under your name. 


Current Term selected




3.  Click on Grade Entry under the Course Management section on the left. 


Faculty Portal Home page sidebar view



4.  Click on the Course ID for the course you want to enter grades for

Course List

If you do not see course information at this point, please contact the Registrar's office on the respective campus for further assistance.

TC Campus: 866-437-2788         Winona Campus: 800-635-5987 

 5.  Under "Submit Grades", click "Direct Grade Submit".

NOTE: if you do not see this wording, please contact the HelpDesk as a box in your data record controling access to this is likely unchecked and needs to be.  

Course gradebook, submit grades, direct grade submit


6.  Choose the grading option (Midterm or Final)


Grade Type - Midterm or Final

 7.  Enter the appropriate grade for each student in either the Midterm Grade column or the Final Grade column, depending on which one you are submitting. 

Please note that the only acceptable grades you may enter are A, AB, B, BC, C, CD, D, F, I, or if your class P/NC, you may enter either P or NC

While not required, for Final Grades, if you submit an F grade, you should enter the Last Day of Attendance.


Letter grade selection       grade selection final grade

Please note that if students are missing, especially those with names at the end of the alphabet, they may be listed on page 2 of the roster.  Please check the top of the roster for additional pages to go to.

8.  Upon entering grades for ALL students, click on the Submit Grades button found on the bottom of the page.







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