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  • Mobile Questions: Setting up SMUMN Gmail on an iOS Device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
    Answer: Google Apps for Education and personal Gmail accounts have different best practices for setting up your accounts on an iOS device. Saint Mary's University of ...
  • Google Calendar: 6) Mobile Set Up & Notifications
    Answer: Learn more about syncing Google Calendar between your devices and controlling notification settings for your calendars.    Notification Settings Support for Android App Support for iOS (iPhone, iPad) App Syncing ...
  • Tegrity: Visual Guide to Tegrity Viewer
    Answer:   The playback of Tegrity recordings can be very helpful while attending Saint Mary's but to make sure you get the most out of the situation ...
  • Tegrity for Students: Student: How do I download a Tegrity recording?
    Answer: The Tegrity recordings for your class will be located in your instructor's course in Blackboard. Check to make sure your browser is compatible with Tegrity ...
  • Tegrity: Tegrity Mobile App
    Answer: Tegrity Mobile App This app allows students and instructors to create and view recordings from devices running iOS and Android.   One-time Setup When you open the Tegrity Mobile app for ...
  • Mobile Questions: Why can't I send/receive SMUMN emails on my mobile device anymore?
    Answer: If you are suddenly unable to send or receive SMUMN emails on your mobile device it is most likely the result of a recent password ...
  • Software: Connecting to RemoteApps
    Answer: RemoteApps are applications which can be run on nearly any device, including iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows. At this time, CAMS Enterprise, RaisersEdge and Call ...
  • Policies & Procedures: What Internet browser or mobile apps work best with SMUMN online applications?
    Answer: For most applications, any browser will be just fine, however, Chrome and Firefox do tend to be a little bit faster than Internet Explorer or ...

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