How do I change my Contact information in the Employee Portal?

Your contact information in the  Faculty and Staff Portal now is pulled from the Greenshades payroll software . 

To update your contact information in the Faculty/Employee portal...

Log in to the Faculty and Staff Portal
Click "My Payroll"
Click "HR Profile" from the red bar at the top of the screen.
Click "Address" in the left menu
Verify your Phone 1 and your Email
If you need to change anything, please click Edit,
typed in your new information
click Submit.

If it looks correct, no action is required.
Please note: this is to contact you regarding SMUMN items such as closings or other campus wide contacts or emergencies. This is not to contact another party about an emergency for you.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to ensure we can reach you in case of a campus emergency.




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2018-02-21 21:49
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